This manual is for LibreCAD’s stable release version 2.2.0.

Online Resources

LibreCAD main website:

Download Installation Packages

There are 2 types of installation packages depending on code maturity: first the official release, then the last build. A build is an interim state of LibreCAD development with additional improvements yet not mature enough to provide a new release. Note that a build may be less stable than an official release.

Operating System


MS Windows:
- GitHub
- GitHub
Linux Distributions:
- AppImage (runs on most Linux)
- Debian/Ubuntu (Stable)
- Debian/Ubuntu (UnStable)
- Arch Linux
- Fedora
- Gentoo
- OpenSUSE

Getting Help

There are many other resources for getting help with LibreCAD:

Reporting Bugs

You can help with the improving LibreCAD. Please report any bugs at LibreCAD’s GitHub Issues page: