This manual is for LibreCAD’s stable release version 2.2.0.

User Guides

The User Guide brings together many other parts of the user manual and will show how to use a variety tools to create and modify drawings. The user guides provides examples of tasks performed with LibreCAD. The tasks are generic in the sense that they can be applied to any drawing. The examples provided in the guides build on the previous examples and when complete will provide a finished drawing that uses many of LibreCAD’s features. Be sure to read through the Reference section, particularly the Fundamentals, the Drawing Tools and the Snapping sections to obtain an understanding of the basic operation of LibreCAD and its various tools.

The example drawings in the User Guides use LibreCAD’s default configuration with the exception of the drawing window’s background color. It has been changed to light grey (#e6e6e6) in Options -> Application Preferences -> Appearances tab, “Background” color under “Graphic Colors”. The Exercises provide the opportunity to use the examples to create the sample drawing used in the User Guide.