This manual is for LibreCAD’s stable release version 2.2.0.

The Console Tool

LibreCAD’s console tool gives users certain functionality without having to open the actual GUI version of LibreCAD. To use it, users need to specify options in their console: librecad [options] .... Running librecad --help or librecad -h is a basic option that should show a list of all possible options. Running librecad --debug <level> or librecad -d <level> allows launchin LibreCAD in various debug levels from 0 being in no debug level whatsoever and 6 being the debugging level.


LibreCAD allows convertion of DXF drawings to PDF in console without any need to run the GUI. To do so, users can run librecad dxf2pdf [options] ... in their command line or terminal. This tool has its own set of options and its own help option which can be obtained by running librecad dxf2pdf –help` or librecad dxf2pdf -h (or simply librecad dxf2pdf with no options at all).

In a nutshell, users can use it to convert a DXF file or multiple DXF files to a single multi-page PDF or multiple PDFs. It can be done without specifying any options other than the input filename: librecad dxf2pdf file_name.dxf. The output file is saved in the executable folder under the name of file_name.pdf. If multiple (N) DXF files are selecred (librecad dxf2pdf file_name1.dxf file_name2.dxf ... file_nameN.dxf) then N PDF files are made. It is also possible to convert DXF files to PDF and put the results in a single multipage PDF outfile.pdf as follows: librecad dxf2pdf -o outfile.pdf file_name1.dxf file_name2.dxf ... file_nameN.dxf. The same approach can be used if there is a single DXF file input but the outpit filename needs specification.

There are other options available which can be obtained by running librecad dxf2pdf --help and at this stage include:

-h, --help                  Displays help.
-v, --version               Displays version information.
-a, --fit                   Auto fit and center drawing to page.
-c, --center                Auto center drawing on page.
-k, --grayscale             Print grayscale.
-m, --monochrome            Print monochrome (black/white).
-p, --paper <WxH>           Paper size (Width x Height) in mm.
-r, --resolution <integer>  Output resolution (DPI).
-s, --scale <double>        Output scale. E.g.: 0.01 (for 1:100 scale).
-f, --margins <L,T,R,B>     Paper margins in mm (integer or float).
-z, --pages <HxV>           Print on multiple pages (Horiz. x Vert.).
-o, --outfile <file>        Output PDF file.
-t, --directory <path>      Target output directory.