LibreCAD v2.2.0 - User Manual

This is an interim release of the of the LibreCAD User Manual and is subject to change.

The manual is based on LibreCAD v2.2.0-rc1 with a few additions. If you are using another version of LibreCAD, your mileage may vary.


Snaps provide the ability to pick precise locations when using a mouse. Various snap tools are available to allow the user to select different locations on entities or elsewhere in the drawing space when using the grid.

Menu Item Icon Command Description
Exclusive Snap Mode icon01   On: only one snap mode is allowed. Off: multiple snap modes are allowed The snap modes are remembered in each state.
Free Snap icon02 os, sf Allows for the crosshair to move freely while other snap modes are enabled.
Snap on Grid icon03 sg Snap to a grid intersection.
Snap on Endpoints icon04 se Snap to the endpoints of a line segment, the quadrants of a circle, a point, or the alignment point of a text or mtext object.
Snap on Entity icon05 np, sn Snap to the path of an entity.
Snap Center icon06 sc Snap to the center of a circle or ellipse. It will also snap to the foci of an ellipse.
Snap Middle icon07 sm Snap to the middle of a path. Enabling this mode displays a ‘’Middle points’’ input. If you change the value to 2 then you can snap to the trisection points of a line segment.
Snap Distance icon08 sd If you snap to the endpoint of a line segment then activate ‘’snap distance’’ and input 50, then it will snap to a point 50 units from the endpoint on the line segment. However, it will also snap to a point that is 50 units from the other endpoint.
Snap Intersection icon09 si Snap to the intersection of two entities. Note this does not currently work for polylines.
Restrict Horizontal icon10 rh Restricts the crosshairs to the x-axis (horizontal movement).
Restrict Vertical icon11 rv Restricts the crosshairs to the y-axis (vertical movement).
Restrict Orthogonal icon12 rr Restricts the crosshairs to the x or y-axis. (either horizontal or vertical movement).
Restrict Nothing   rn Turns off restricted cursor movements.
Set relative zero position icon13   Manually sets the Relative Zero Point at the selected coordinate.
Lock relative zero position icon14   Locks the Relative Zero Point to the current coordinate.