Calculator Operators and Functions

Typing “cal” at the command line will toggle the calculator mode on and off.

Name Function / Operation Usage
+ addition x+y
- subtraction x-y
* multiplication x*y
/ division x/y
^ raise x to the power of y x^y
sin sine function sin(x)
cos cosine function cos(x)
tan tangens function tan(x)
asin arcus sine function asin(x)
acos arcus cosine function acos(x)
atan arcus tangens function atan(x)
sinh hyperbolic sine function sinh(x)
cosh hyperbolic cosine cosh(x)
tanh hyperbolic tangens function tanh(x)
asinh hyperbolic arcus sine function asinh(x)
acosh hyperbolic arcus tangens function acosh(x)
atanh hyperbolic arcur tangens function atanh(x)
log2 logarithm to the base 2 log2(x)
log10 logarithm to the base 10 log10(x)
log logarithm to base e (2.71828…) log(x)
ln logarithm to base e (2.71828…) ln(x)
exp e raised to the power of x exp(x)
sqrt square root of a value sqrt(x)
sign sign function -1 if x<0; 1 if x>0 sign(x)
rint round to nearest integer rint(x)
abs absolute value abs(x)
min min of all arguments min(x, y, …n)
max max of all arguments max(x, y, …n)
sum sum of all arguments sum(x, y, …n)
avg mean value of all arguments avg(x, y, …n)