If you are a developer, outstanding in C++, or a beginner we can use all the help. With a bit of determination, the IRC channel, Zulip chat and the Libre-CAD-dev mailing list, we can help you get started and making progress. The source code is hosted on GitHub ( A good starting point for developers is the LibreCAD Developer’s wiki on GitHub (

The Online Resource section provides links to further information on downloading and building LibreCAD.


Developers are usually bad in making documentation, so if you like writing documentation your involvement in developing the User Manual would be greatly appreciated.

The documentation is hosted by Read the Docs. The most recent version of LibreCAD’s User Manual can be found at As with the source code, the documentation source is hosted GitHub ( The documentation is created using a markup language called reStructuredText (Refer to For those interested in contributing to the documentation, refer to LibreCAD Documentation wiki on github (


Help localize LibreCAD, we currently support over 30 languages. Our translation server is at You can contribute to a language already started or or request the creation of a translation for a new language in the forum in the LibreCAD-translate section.