Font Name Font Filename Font Type Technical (*) Sample
amiri-regular amiri-regular.lff Serif   font01
azomix_i azomix_i.lff Sans Serif X font02
azomix azomix.lff Sans Serif X font03
cursive cursive.lff Sans Serif X font04
cyrillic_ii cyrillic_ii.lff Sans Serif X font05
gothgbt gothgbt.lff Blackletter / Gothic   font06
gothgrt gothgrt.lff Blackletter / Gothic   font07
gothitt gothitt.lff Blackletter / Gothic   font08
greekc greekc.lff Greek Lettering   font09
greekcs greekcs.lff Greek Lettering   font10
greek_ol greek_ol.lff Greek Lettering   font11
greekp greekp.lff Greek Lettering X font12
greeks greeks.lff Greek Lettering X font13
iso3098_i iso3098.lff Sans Serif X font14
iso3098 iso3098_i.lff Sans Serif X font15
iso iso.lff Sans Serif X font16
italicc italicc.lff Serif   font17
italiccs italiccs.lff Serif   font18
italict italict.lff Serif   font19
kochigothic kochigothic.lff Sans Serif   font20
kochimincho kochimincho.lff Serif   font21
kst32b kst32b.lff Sans Serif X font22
lc_opengost-ar lc_opengost-ar.lff Sans Serif X font23
lc_opengost-br lc_opengost-br.lff Sans Serif X font24
OpenGostTypeA-Regular OpenGostTypeA-Regular.lff Sans Serif X font25
OpenGostTypeB-Regular OpenGostTypeB-Regular.lff Sans Serif X font26
romanc romanc.lff Serif   font27
romancs romancs.lff Serif   font28
romand romand.lff Sans Serif   font29
romanp romanp.lff Serif   font30
romansi romansi.lff Sans Serif X font31
romans romans.lff Sans Serif X font32
romant romant.lff Serif   font33
scriptc scriptc.lff Formal Script   font34
scripts scripts.lff Formal Script   font35
simplex simplex.lff Sans Serif X font36
standard standard.lff Sans Serif X font37
syastro syastro.lff Symbol   font38
symap symap.lff Symbol   font39
symath symath.lff Symbol   font40
symbol symbol.lff Symbol   font41
symbol_misc1 symbol_misc1.lff Symbol   font42
symbol_misc2 symbol_misc2.lff Symbol   font43
symeteo symeteo.lff Symbol   font44
symusic symusic.lff Symbol   font45
unicode unicode.lff Sans Serif X font46

*: These fonts are composed of single lines and are suitable for technical drawings.

ASCII character set render in each font:

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