Systems of Measurement

LibreCAD supports a large number of measurement systems/units:

Unit Abbr. System Equivalences Uses (*)
Inch in Imperial 3 barleycorns Widely used in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Foot ft Imperial Size 46 (EU) shoe size Still widely used in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Mile mi Imperial 0.2756 of a Dutch mile Used way too often in other than a ‘’international mile’’.
Millimeter mm SI More than 25 in an in Vanilli’s favorite
Centimeter cm SI    
Meter m SI nm  
Kilometer km SI   Sigh, SI units are not funny…
Microinch µin Imperial    
Mil mil Imperial 1/1000 of an inch Replaced with ‘’thou’’ (but not ‘’you’’).
Yard yd imperial 3 foots Measure ale!
Angstrom å   ≈ one ten-billionth of a meter Zoom to a parsec - I dare you.
Nanometer nm SI 1 E−9 m the UoM formerly known as the ‘’millimicrometre’’ and ‘’mµ’’.
Micron µm SI   Really is a ‘’micrometer’’, but not to be confused with a ‘’micrometer screw gauge’’.
Decimeter dm SI 0.1 meter  
Decameter dam SI 10 meters ‘’dam’’, don’t be juvenile.
Hectometer hm SI 100 meters Should be funny, but why?
Gigameter Gm SI 1,000,000,000 meters That’s one beeellion meters.
Astro au, ua or AU astronomical unit   also a ‘’a South Korean boy band’’.
Lightyear ly astronomical unit 63241 au First name ‘’Buzz’’.
Parsecs pc astronomical unit ≈ 206264.806247096 astronomical units er, big. What else can one say? Made popular by James T.

*: Obtained from Wikipedia and Wiktionary and wildly interpreted by the author of this page.